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Do you enjoy the sight of a greyhounding white marlin, or a huge blue marlin crashing a teaser? Maybe for you, it's the rainbow of colors in a dolphin or the unmistakable splash of a tuna bite that gives you goose bumps? Whatever your fishing passion, the Ocean City Marlin Club is working to create an interest in our area's sportfishing and to promote the conservation of the sea and Her creatures.

In the last sixty years, the Marlin Club has become a virtual institution in the Ocean City fishing community. We strive to blend the strong traditions of old Ocean City's fishing pioneers, with those of today's modern fisherman.

In the summer months, the Club becomes the focal point of the fishing community here in Ocean City.

In the off season, the club sponsors monthly dinners to give fisherman a chance to get together and catch up with friends when the waters turn too cold to go fishing. Each month features a different menu and the price varies. In December, the club's holiday affairs are always spectacular and are not to be missed.

Each year the Ocean City Marlin Club celebrates its members fishing accomplishments by awarding them plaques and trophies to signify their various achievements offshore. These awards aren't made of gold or worth thousands of dollars. However, if you looked at the awards competition each season, you would think they were. Besides celebrating a member's specific accomplishment, they also signify the respect and admiration of fellow fisherman and that, my friends, is priceless.

You don't have to be a fanatical marlin fisherman to win a seasonal award because not all of awards are for billfish. In fact, we give awards for everything from the largest tuna and shark, to the most unusual catch of the season. Our gala awards banquet in October is an event you don't want to miss.

It doesn't take an expensive sixty-foot battlewagon, and you don't need to be a world class angler to win an award. You do, however, need to join the Marlin Club as only our members are eligible. If you would like to see a list of the official rules and a listing of awards just contact the club.

Membership Levels

Full Membership$350.00
Entitles Members to the following privileges:
  • Clubhouse Access
  • Guest Privileges
  • Eligibility for Seasonal Awards
  • Voting Rights
Family Membership$450.00
Entitles Members to the following privileges:
  • Clubhouse Access
  • Guest Privileges
  • Voting Rights (Full Member Only)
  • Spouses and Children under 25 also receive Membership Cards and Eligibility for Seasonal Awards
Boat Membership$500.00
Entitles Members to the following privileges:
  • Full Member Status
  • Boat Eligibility for Seasonal Awards
  • Free Entry Fee for the Canyon Kickoff Tournament & the Labor Day White Marlin Tournament
Boat and Family Membership$600.00
Includes all Rights Listed in Boat and Family Memberships (see above)
Captain / Mate Membership $150.00
Entitles Members to the following privileges:
  • Clubhouse Access
  • Guest Privileges
  • Must be purchased by the boat owner and is transferable at boat owner's request.